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Earmark your career with NetHr Executive Services
What are executive search firms?
Executive search firms are often referred to as “recruiting firms”, who are a specialized form of management consultancy. A hiring organization or an employer typically retains an executive search firm in order to help other organizations and seek the levels of employees required for positions like: a CEO, CCO, etc. 

The executive search firm implies a partnership with the hiring organization. The search firm brings their industries specific expertise and unique insight to meet the needs of organization’s leadership needs and facilitates with its top class services.

They assess the organization and the role, review the organization’s internal bench strength and survey the broader market in pursuit of the best candidate for the job.

The most critical thing to remember is that an executive search firm does not represent applicant, since the individual executive represents the candidates with the companies name and reputation. Executive search firms in word with hiring organization attempts to locate the best possible individual for the particular role.

How to create networking with executive search firms?

NetHr provides with top tips to create networking with executive firms:
1. Applicants must avoid sending a huge email of his/her resume to search consultants.
2. Mandatorily send a personal email to a number of search consultants that specialize in the required or desired industry, function and region. 
3. Applicants must maintain and keep email introduction as brief and to the point. Be concise with representation of words before sending the email.
4. Applicants must attach an up-to-date copy of his/her resume in a widely accepted format such as Word or PDF.
5. Applicants must include 4-5 bullet points that outline their functions, industry and region he/she are looking for, and any specific key career opportunity that they would be interested in.
7. Applicant must try to arrange a personal referral to the search consultant firm through a colleague or business associate who must be having an existing relationship in order to establish personal connections to unlock the door of success.
8. Applicants must explore and find out which industry events and seminars he/she wants to target in terms of an consultancy.
About NetHr:

NetHr was established under the leadership of Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe. NetHr is a leading provider of consulting, information technology and business process services. It has been successful in providing placements for more than 45,000 candidates in the IT department. 

NetHr have been awarded for the excellence executive recruitment services in IT field. It has been instrumental in leading the company to highest peaks. Recruitment experts at NetHr use Executive search technique and scouts and value candidate resume received through the official website as prestigious and make an initiative to meet their demands. 

NetHr is an ISO 9001 - 2008 certified and provides recruitment, training, employment services. It also includes Executive Search & Staffing Services to a well established client network in India as well as Singapore. 

Net Hr with its placement facilities offers the correct jobs to the right candidate. We have developed programs into COO, CEO, and CTO’s of a large corporate scale. It has a diversified range of placements accessible in 5 major fields i.e. I.T, Banking and Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering and Oil and gas. 

The main objective of NetHr is to arrange an arena for IT services in all the fields for all the qualified applicants. Its passion is to help clients meet satisfactory results and to build a stable business and magnifies competitive performance and facilitates well-skilled human labors. For best recruitment services and more information click here:

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Understanding the four attributes of Recruitment Firms
The main aim for any recruitment firm using selection process is to attain the right number and quality of applicants demanded and required to satisfy the needs of the employer’s and the organization. 

The requirements of the recruitment firms of the employees is influenced by the availability of the job in the market and what the job specification says about the requirements in order to compile the content of an internal announcement or and external requirement of the organization. It is essential to monitor the job descriptions available in the market and be updated with the present trend and demands. 

Requirements are influenced by decisions like:
Weather the tasks assigned to the applicant is permanent or non-permanent?
Weather the job is permanent or non-permanent?
Is the job offering the basic requirements of the applicant?
Designation being offered?

The recruitment firm apart from the above procedures follows techniques and strategies for an effective and smooth recruitment process. An applicant undergoes the four basic stages of recruitment and selection mentioned below.

The four basic stages of recruitment and selection are as follows:

1.Understanding and defining requirements: preparing appropriate and specific job descriptions and specification, deciding the terms and conditions of employment and then scouting for the appropriate applicant. 

2.Attracting qualified candidates: reviewing and evaluating alternative sources for applicants, searching inside and outside the organization, and posting advertising and using other methods to gather and attract as many applicants they could. 

3.Selecting process of candidates: sifting applications, interviewing, testing, assessing candidates, taking references, and most importantly promoting the finest talents.

4. Introduction to the organization to the candidates: Introduction to the work and the colleagues, to the organization and its main objectives and to the terms of employment to the applicants.

For an effective and keeping India employed many recruitment firms exercises the above mentioned technique. But what’s more essential is finding the most efficient recruitment firms, since there already are more than 100 recruitment agencies in India. To spot the perfect agency is crucial since it helps the applicant to attain jobs at the easiest means. 

Why Net Hr?
Net HR offers organized recruitment services. Over the years, they have been the most preferred recruitment partner for many multinational companies and major businesses to appear as the top recruiting brand globally. This combined with its role as reliable professionals who have resulted in core capability in developing organizations.

Net Hr is counted amongst the top 10 executive search companies in India featuring its client services amongst 500 fortunate companies. Established for 15years from now under the leadership of Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe, it has been successful in facilitating more than 20,000 students in MNCs. It has been the most preferred recruiting partners for many multinational companies and major business sector.

MNCs worldwide use Net Hr recruitment services. Net Hr offers versatile assistance that will consider employers demands and needs and fulfill it by introducing qualified candidates. Net HR offers a wide range of recruitment services with the help of years of experience and accomplishes employer’s needs and employees need by providing with dedicated proper assistance. To register with us and for more information, click here:

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Temptation of Temporary Staffing
The uncertainty and changes occurred in the current economy has contributed to the growing reliance on temporary staffs. Temporary staff has proven to be true of service sector companies whose expenditure on manpower, as a proportion of total revenue, is often three times as high as that of manufacturing companies. Service sector firms especially information Technology (IT) is the highest employers of temporary staffs. 

Major reasons behind companies hiring temporary staffs are:
1.Keeping down administrative cost
2.Remaining flexible
3.Retain the capacity to quickly respond to the rising demands.

The most obvious reason for firms to hire temporary staff is the reluctant if investment that occurs in hiring and training permanent employees, thinking that they would soon be grabbed by opponent companies, in such a case they demand for trained temporary staffs. 

The contractual labor already exists but the rise of temporary workers in India is significantly new and rising. According to the recent survey conducted by Indicus Analytical Firm and Wikipedia, India has around more than 1.3million temporary staffs which contributes human resource and manpower among the top five countries. 

Temporary staffs enjoy the temporary tag:

Many applicants who acquire degrees in distinctive subjects have been getting easily employed as temporary staffs especially in IT companies. For some applicants who always seek to work with a new environment and new companies, they choose to be a temporary staff by choice. 

People who are already employed also seek for temporary jobs for many personal reasons. Even though the job security is an essential factor for any applicant to work with a firm, but few people enjoys the perks of being temporary staff and feels less confined and bound with the institution.  

More and more individuals are now opting for being accommodated as temporary staff since employment is better than sitting ideally at home. For years people used to feel embarrassed with the tag, but slowly this particular tag has risen as a popular trend fading the negative expression symbolized with it. 

Youth are gaining more respect of being associated as temporary staff than being unemployed. Temporary staffing process also helps to reduce and maintain the unemployment check of the country.

Individuals enjoys their work life as they get an opportunity to work with different companies on various projects, which also provides them with a greater exposure and promotes a sense of confidence of handling different kind of situations easily.  

NetHr Temporary Staffing Services:

NetHr established under the leadership of Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe have been successful in placing more than 20,000 candidates in multinational companies worldwide. It offers organized temporary staffing recruitment services. 

NetHr has been chosen as the most preferred recruitment partner for many multinational companies and major businesses that shimmer amongst the top recruiting brand globally. 

NetHr helps business clients with their employment specifications by offering short-term human resource services. It facilitates with its best temporary employment services that are expertise in staffing, in a wide range of domains and technology for an ever changing market, across all over India.

It facilitates recruitment, training, employment services with end-to-end solutions in Human Resource Management including executive search & staffing services for a well established client network in India. It caters to provide leading multinational companies with temporary staffing faculties in various industry segments like:
  1. Information Technology
  2. Banking and Finance 
  3.  Engineering
  4. Logistics 
The main objective of NetHr is to assist the client in proper direction providing with right talent acquisition. It focuses on providing quality service with a hit ratio in a less span of time. It provides each client with exclusivity in terms of individual attentions as well as looking after all its demands and specific requirements. For best “Temporary Staffing Recruitment Services” and more information click here:

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Daily grinds of a Recruitment Consultant

The prime duty for recruitment consultants is firstly to assist employers and help them in identification, selection and recruitment service of staff. This facility is used by employers today to fill their vacancies in the companies, and to acquire appropriate and efficient employees. A recruiter is nothing unless he or she is a good marketer and upholds the ability of persuasive skills.

What are the functions and roles of a recruitment consultant?
The job profile of a recruitment consultant demands for him/her to provide the employer with their potent services. The work profile of a recruiter consultant involves facilitating services of the agencies to the potential employers. This is achieved with the use of technology help like use of telephone for cold calling services, headhunting on internet, and advertising by using print as well as broadcast media, in short particularly generating a good marketing strategy to find the efficient clients. These clients are further satisfied with the provision of finest talents hunted and refined by recruitment consultant. This process is further carried with steps involved in simpler terms the process and methods used to find appropriate candidates for the potential position empty in employer’s organization. 

Responsibilities of a Recruitment consultant:
  • 'Head hunting'- hunting for employer, candidates and meeting their needs with their respective services.
  •  Aligning interviews and then assessing them with the prospective applicants, matching his/her profile with vacancies at employer’s company.
  • Short-listing suitable candidates.
  • Organizing interviews and selection events for candidates before recruiting them to the employer’s Hr.
  • Spreading the word with use of advertisement of vacancies for the applicants in order to acquire the potential applicant. 
  • Helping him/her (applicants) successfully to prepare for interviews.

Background of employers as recruitment consultants:
  • Applicants belong from regional and national recruitment agencies, or they already consist of experience working in the above mentioned agencies.
  • Some of the applicants belong from local independent agencies started at small level.
  • Few applicants come from specialist agencies that recruit in specific areas such as engineering/accountancy. These applicants are specialized in headhunting for candidates in particular fields.

Qualifications and training required to be a recruitment consultant:
  • A degree in any discipline is acceptable for entry into the profession; however qualification in subjects like psychology, business studies or management could be a bonus. 
  • Due to strong competition for vacancies especially at graduate level, makes it relevant for applicants having a work experience in field such as administrative, commercial, sales or any other personnel work.
  •  Applicant already having experience appropriate or similar to the recruitment area is necessary especially in fields like accountancy and law.
Key features for a recruitment consultant:
  • Confidence 
  • Energy
  • Commercial awareness
  • Excellent presentation skills 
  • Verbal communication skills 
  • Organizational skills

Why NetHr?
Established under the leadership of Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe, NetHr has been successful in placing more than 20,000 candidates in multinational companies worldwide in the span of 15 years. NetHr has been awarded for excellence in IT services with pan of services in India.

Over the years NetHr have been entrenched as best recruitment consultants, featuring amongst the top 10 Executive Search companies in India with majority of its clients featuring in the fortune 500 companies. They act as a link between the employer and the applicants and facilitates with best services.

It has also developed programmers into CCO, CEO, and CTO’s of large corporate organizations. NetHr’s understanding of market information, culture fitment and vast network in recruitment, helps them in accomplishing clients with top notch talents.

Net Hr follows the three main objectives:
  • Assisting clients with right talent acquisition.
  •  Facilitating quality service along with a successful ratio resulting in a very less ratio time.
  •   Providing each client with exclusivity in terms of individual attention.
Net Hr have developed successful global partnerships with multinationals companies by recruiting skilled and qualified candidates for the employers in India and other parts of the world. It also provides with recruitment, training, employment services, and end-to-end solutions in Human Resource Management including Executive Search & Staffing Services to a well established client network in India. For preeminent recruitment services and more information click here: