Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Your Perfect Partner For Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing
Each business organization/ company has its own sets of rules and regulations. Their requirements also differ from each other. This depends upon the current business industry scenario. They have to be flexible in their way of functioning to suit the challenging and complex nature of the corporate world.

Recruitment services are in high demand. They are the ones who play the most crucial role of providing skillful manpower to the business companies who require them. 

      Recruitment consultants perform the task of digging out the best talent and making it reach the appropriate business company which requires it. Their job responsibilities are never restricted. They perform multi tasks. They come across thousands of CV’s every day, from which they have to select the best ones. They need to be in continuous touch with the selected candidates till they don’t get recruited by the company.

There are different types of recruitment requirements of a company. One of them is temporary staffing.

What is Temporary Staffing?

  • The prospected candidate is employed on temporary basis i.e. for a specific time.
  • He can be chosen as a permanent employee in the organization but this entirely depends on the company and his work performance.
  • This kind of staffing fulfills the companies short term manpower requirement
  • They are also termed as seasonal employees.
  • Their employment term can depend on specific project duration etc.

  • The company gets the advantage of testing the candidates and seeing their work caliber before hiring them permanently in their organization. This reduces their chance of employing unskilled manpower and hence increases work efficiency.
  • Great option for seasonal assignments: you may need to employ people for a short term on a specific project that requires additional labor.
  • This is a great option to cover up the work of an absent employee in the organization. His work can be done by a temporary employee. This makes it possible to reach work commitments.
  • You don’t have to worry about paying the temporary staff with insurance cover and other benefits. Hence, it is affordable.
  • Saves your time of screening several resumes.

Net HR is the most preferred online portal for recruitment, training, employment services and end to end solutions in Human Resource Management including permanent and contractual staffing. It has a very well established client base in India as well as in Singapore. Over the past few years, Net HR has been the recruiting partner for various multinational companies. Under the Leadership of Dr. Sanjay Salunke, Net HR has been successful in placing more than 20,000 candidates in top most multinational companies in mere 15 years.

Net HR helps companies with their requirement of short term human resource services.

It provides them temporary staffing with expertise and talent as required by them. Net HR takes complete care of the entire process, right from the sourcing of the candidate to the selection, on-boarding, pay roll and then lastly the conformity of the candidates.

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Tips For Your First Job Interview

There is high demand of man power in the corporate world. Many different business segments are being established. Every year thousands of people search for jobs based on their qualification and field of interests. Sometimes, there are vacancies and sometimes it gets hard to find one.

What matters the most is making a good impression and clearing your first job interview. I am sure all of us remember our first experience of job interview. Appearing for the interview is not as important as making a great impression in it is.

Here are few tips for you:

  • Your resume is your reflection: the purpose of resume in an interview is of presenting you in front of the interviewer. It can be termed as “mini you”. Do not lie about anything in it. Keep it simple yet informative. It should consist of your attributes and your skills. Show how you can contribute to the organization if they hire you.
  • Be on time: no company will hire you if you don’t respect time. Never be late for an interview. Infact, reach few minutes before the required time. This will show how serious you are about the job interview.
  • Dress simple yet impressive: your dress code should not be casual or too over the head. Keep it simple. Wear decent formals (female candidates can opt for Indian Formals). Wear a watch and carry a presentable bag.
  • Research on the company: before going for interview in a particular company, do thorough research of it. Learn which business segment it works in, what are its products/ services, when did it start, the founder and everything else you can from some reliable source like the internet website. This adds one extra mark to your interview and raises your chances of being selected.
  • Be confident and spontaneous: you never know what the interviewer has in store for you. You can be asked to showcase your skills by any on the spot activity. You should have strong mental preparation. You need to be confident about yourself. Have faith in your capabilities.
  • You are observed at all levels: when you go for the interview, you will be greeted by the receptionist and will be required to sit in that area till the boss doesn’t call you. From here itself, you should be impressive. Don’t use your phone while waiting there. Be polite to everyone and speak in a soft voice.
  • Ask intelligent questions: asking questions at an interview is not a bad thing, but asking intelligent ones matter. Don’t ask silly and illogical questions just for the sake of it. The questions of high importance should be asked.
  • Be willing to accept your shortcomings: no one is perfect. We all have few things in which we are bad or can improve. Don’t get annoyed or embarrassed when the interviewer points out any fault in you. Accept it with a smile and politely speak if you don’t agree with it.
  • Don’t be in a hurry: nowadays, interviews involve many stages. You can be interviewed by more than one person. For e.g.; first the HR Manager might take your Interview, then your computer skills might be tested, then a round of writing skills may be taken and finally the boss might interview you. Do when you go for an interview; don’t keep an event for the rest of the day.
  • Have sportsman spirit: the result of the interview can be positive or negative. You may get hired or maybe not. The result should not upset you. Remember, everything happens for a reason. If you fail an interview, there might be a better opportunity for you.

Your best partner for job recruitment is Net HR. It is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company that provides recruitment services, training, employment services and end to end solutions in Human Resource Management including Executive Search and Staffing Services (Permanent and contractual staffing) to a well established client network in India as well as in Singapore.

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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Your Best Placement Consultants: Net Hr

India has developed positively in the past years. The population of our country is 1.27 billion (as of March 1, 2015). According to 2012 forecasts, the number of unemployed people in India was 44.79 million whereas youth unemployment rate was 18.1%. This data is to make you aware that we live in world’s second most populated country. Here, every individual is in the race to compete. He/ she have to fulfill his as well as their family’s needs to survive. But it’s sad that there are numerous people who are not able to meet their basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter. One may think that if India is such a vast country then why aren’t there job opportunities for all? I have the perfect answer for this.

          When one starts his journey to search a job, he comes across many thoughts and elements that influence him. These include family, friends, and internet sources. In all of this hustle you forget about the main element which you require. Yes, I am talking about a Recruitment firm. And even if this idea strikes your mind, you make the common mistakes while choosing the perfect one for you. Let’s get a clear idea about these firms and then understand why you need one.

Recruitment services/ Recruitment firm

  • It is a firm that works on the main element of business, the Human resource. They are partnered with various business houses and companies. These business companies give their requirements to these firms stating how many people they require and from which field.
  • These firms then gather data in the form of CV’s from their sources and then match jobs suitable to the candidates as per their interests.
  • In simpler words, the Recruitment Firm does the job of reaching the right candidate to the right employer at the right time through the right way.
So, why do you need one and how would it benefit you?

Do you really think that in this country where there is tremendous flow of people who need a job, where there are talents filled in every youth and where every year fresh new talent is taking birth, you can easily find a job? If yes, then you are neglecting the main things. I am not saying that you can’t find a job without taking help of a placement service. All I am saying is that if you take this help, you can find job in a more efficient & faster way.

Benefits of a placement firm

  • You save up a lot of your precious time.
  • You don’t have to struggle between various job sites, employment newspapers, spend sleepless nights thinking where there is a job vacancy,
  • With just one step of contacting a recruitment firm and telling them your requirements, reaches you to your dream job.
  • You get a job faster.
  • You can enjoy the facility of customized job. By customized job I mean you can choose which company you wish to search job in, what pay scale are you looking for, which locality you prefer, your mode of working( part time, full time , work from home or a freelancer)
Sometimes, even after being aware of these benefits one makes mistake of choosing the right firm. Read further to know which mistakes you need to avoid and how.

  • Don’t follow anyone. Your requirements are unique so you need to acquire the unique way. Don’t choose a recruitment firm merely just on the recommendation of your friend or any layman. Do a lot o research work.
  • Don’t fall in for fake firms showing you big dreams. Don’t believe in false stories of any fake firm and start dreaming. They lure you by giving lucrative offers of jobs which sound hard to believe. Don’t let them take advantage of your unemployed mind.
  • Think and choose wisely. This decision is going to take you to your dream job. You can’t make the mistake of taking the wrong path.

I would like to mention about a recruitment firm which I have heard a lot about and is indeed one of the best option for you. I am talking about Net HR. It is an ISO 9001- 2008 certified company that provides recruitment, training, employment services and end-to-end solutions in Human Resource Management including Executive search and staffing services (permanent & contractual) to a well established client network in India as well as in Singapore. 

Following are the few reasons why this is the best solution for you:
  • It has 15+ years of recruitment experience with strong internal database maintained & updated till date.
  • It is Awarded as “Best IT recruitment firm in India”
  • It focuses on quality & 100% transparency at work.
  • Successfully accomplished all domestic & international assignments
  • Team of highly qualified recruiters who ensure timely delivery of services
  • Offices with fully equipped infrastructure PAN India & Singapore
  • End to end recruitment solution in the best customized manner.
  • Clients include Top MNC’s and fortune 500 companies.
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