Friday, 24 April 2015

Adopt The Best In Class Recruitment Search Methodology

Getting a job is important, but getting a rewarding one is what counts!!
We all have the urge to achieve higher in life, especially in terms of our career. There is tremendous talent out there but unfortunately only few are recognized. Who is to be blamed for this? Is this the fault of the candidates or the shortcoming is within the recruitment search?

You guessed it right. The reason lies within the inefficiency of the selected recruitment service. The decision of choosing one has to be very selective. You are handling someone the responsibility of guiding your path to success. Hence you have to be 100 times sure whether the chosen one is perfect and rewarding or not.

Recruitment Search Methodology refers to the step by step process that is adopted in order to bring out the desired results. This is the most crucial and base of any recruitment firm. The excellence of results depends on how this process is planned and executed.

Net HR is one of the most dedicated recruitment companies in India. It comprises of highly experienced and qualified faculty along with industry experts who ensure timely delivery of services and assistance. They have the following 8 step recruitment search methodology which makes them unique and different from other recruitment companies.
  • Assessment of needs: Here, complete analysis is done to get well acquainted with the profile of the desired candidate on the basis of qualification, desired working experience, skills and talents as provided by the client. 
  • Research strategy: after understanding the requirements, the next step is to shortlist the suitable candidates from a huge database. This is done with utter focus leaving behind zero chances of ignoring the desired candidate.
  • Identifying the perspective candidates: After the completion of the extensive search, perfect matches for the job in consideration are identified.
  • Interviews and Evaluations of candidates: The shortlisted candidate is interviewed by senior consultants to test whether he/ she is fit for the vacancy or not. The interviewer also identifies other attributes of the candidate like skills, interest and knowledge of the area, expected salary, whether he/ she would suit the employers work environment etc.
  • Shortlisted candidates are presented to the clients: This includes sending a detailed and summarized report of the candidate on the basis of the preliminary interview.
  • Arranging client candidate interviews: Net Hr Placement consultants remain in constant touch with the candidate’s right from the telephonic interview. They work co-ordinal with both; the candidate and the client so that their objectives are met in the most productive manner. They also mentor and guide the candidates to avoid them from making any mistakes.
  • Checking the credibility of reference: They keep checking the references provided by the candidates as well as any other third party sources in order to identify any hidden information.
The search completes: Once they get a confirmation from the candidate regarding their successful integration with the clients company, the search cycle comes to an end.
You too can avail the benefit of getting positive recruitment end to end services. Whatever be your recruitment need, fulfill it with Net HR!!

Friday, 17 April 2015

5 Pros Of Temporary Staffing

Business is far more complex than it looks from outside. It is a culmination of various stages and activities that act as the driving force for success of the business corporate. As an Employer, you have to take many aspects and assumptions into consideration so that the future of your business remains unharmed by any external as well as internal threats.

Recruitment can be considered as the fuel of business. Without productive manpower it is impossible for a company to move even a baby step forward. You need capable hands that are able to achieve your pre defined goals and objectives. If any business wants to secure a place in the top corporate, then effective recruitment is the key to it.
Temporary Staffing
The availability of resources doesn’t take much time to become scarcity of resources. There has to be optimum and intelligent utilization of the resources at hand. The Placement consultants are specialists in doing this for you. This also has a condition attached to it. You will reap sweet fruits of success only when you sow the seeds in the right manner!! Not every person is good at seeing the unseen i.e. for choosing the appropriate and skilled manpower you need to be an expert in that field with an extensive customer network based in various cities and even countries. No doubt, recruitment firms are in so much demand!

The term temporary staffing refers to the selection of employees only for a fixed period of time. Today, many business companies opt for this type of staffing for attaining benefits like;

  • Fill in the gaps: for example, if your employee or more than 1 employees go on a leave and then suddenly you have an urgent assignment of your prestigious client to be finished at the earliest, then what do you do? Your saviors at such time are the service of temporary staffing. You can hire temporary staff to do the work of your existing employees so that there is no compromise on the work front. This way you succeed in completing the client’s assignment or project on time despite your staff members being absent.

  • Trial and tested benefit: temporary staffing is the best option in the recruitment search methodology. Through this kind of staffing, the company can test the skills and working attitude of particular temp employee before appointing them on permanent basis. This way you save up on your time as well as money and yet get the opportunity to assign exceptionally talented and only skillful labor in your business.

  • Saves your time and money: Generally, temporary staffing is cheaper than other staffing solutions like Permanent or contractual staffing. Furthermore, the recruitment process of temporary staff also doesn’t consume much time only if you hand it over to an experienced and reputed recruitment firm.

  • Stronger relations with the HR Company: Once you are satisfied with the outcomes of using the staffing solutions of one recruitment company, you continue to opt for that particular company for all recruitment needs in the future. This is facilitated through temporary staffing solutions.

  • Specialized staff: This is also opted as options for future careers. You will find people working as temporary staff in diverse companies. They are accustomed to be working on different skills and requirements as they keep shifting and learning something new in every organization which they join in. hence, hiring a temp will benefit you in terms of getting specialized quality work done and that too at minimal costs.

Net HR provides you all types of recruitment search and has a client base comprising of top most Multinational companies and Fortune 500 companies. They offer all kinds of recruitment services which include temporary, permanent as well as contractual staffing. They are a team of highly experienced and determined recruitment consultants.

Join the Net HR family today!!

Why to opt for contractual staffing?

The job of running a business is not an easy one. It is very convenient to identify mistakes in others; but more difficult to accept own. The person who runs a business has to maintain an impartial balance between different departments and business day to day activities so that the business is able to function and perform without any obstacles or hurdles.

Careers are subjected to diversification. You cannot expect one with 100% stability and zero% uncertainties. You have to be prepared for the unexpected always. An employer has to handle multiple things along with a set of employees who possess completely new nature attributes and thinking. You will never find 2 employees having exactly the same working pattern or habits. 

Recruitment services are a boon to any employer in this highly challenging business conditions. They lend a helping hand to various clients to gain qualified and talented staff. 

They offer you many services as per your requirements at that specific time. There are many options available through which you can chose the one who you think is apt for achieving your goals and objectives. Appointing the right recruitment firm is half the job done. With the immense competition in the corporate industry, each business is striving to retain its place in the market as well as in the minds of its target audience.
Staffing solutions comprise of contractual staffing as one of the types of staffing adopted by many business companies worldwide. 

What is contractual staffing and how does it benefit?

Contractual staffing refers to the hiring of employees for a fixed period of time; Contract basis. Here, the period of contract may differ from one Business Company to the other. For example one company may have the requirement of employees for contract of 1 year while there might be another who would want it for 6 months. Recruitment Consultants see to the employer’s requirement and then shortlist the appropriate employees for them. 


You cut on your costs of hiring full time employees and thus save up on money.

You get the opportunity of flexibility in recruitment i.e. you get skilled labor for a specific task and for the specific period only. Later, as your task gets accomplished, you can change the set of employees then appoint new ones who suit the new requirements.

By appointing contractual employees you get the benefit of their experience and knowledge as they work in various domains.

Contractual staffing is an excellent solution to meet up with business uncertainties and situations which come without the slightest warning.

All of these benefits can be availed from one of the best HR Company in India. 

Net HR is a leader in the field of recruitment. It is a pioneer in this industry with over 15 years of recruitment experience. It assures you world class service from its well equipped infrastructure PAN India and Singapore. They have an internal database which is managed and updated since the day this company came into existence. 

Net HR is one of the finest HR Company which has top MNC’s and fortune 500 companies as its clients. It is the one stop solution to all your recruitment needs.

They also provide the right kind of job to the right candidate. Hence, if you are a job seeker then you can make Net HR as your recruiting partner and let it hunt the most perfect jobs for your bright future!

Competent employees lead to excellent quality results in the form of business success!!
When are you experiencing this?

Elect The Best Hr Company In India

“Recruiting is the process where perfection meets excellence.”

Ever pondered on the thought that why do some companies excel whereas some struggle to sustain their presence in the market? We all might have passed this thought in our mind couple of times but forgot it the next moment. There is a secret that leads a corporate towards sheer success. The name of this secret is Recruitment services.
There is One HR Company in India that offers you the most favorable and rewarding experience of recruitment. Whether you are searching for a job or you want to hire people in your company, this company will serve to be the apt choice for all staffing solution. The company in discussion is none other than Net HR. This company has been in existence for more than 15 years. Its client base includes top most MNC’s and also Fortune 500 Companies. You can fulfill your dream careers with the help of this company.

Staffing solutions
You may ask that out of so many Recruitment firms in India, why should one opt for Net HR. what is so unique about this company that the other companies lack?

All your doubts will get cleared after you read the following benefits;

Comprehensive recruitment search methodology: They have a strong internal database which is regularly maintained and updated. Team of exceptionally qualified and experienced placement consultants ensures timely delivery of the requirements with no compromise on the quality of the service.

They have attained global recognition of high caliber within these few years. Net HR has been successful in completing assignments from both Indian and Foreign clients.
This particular Recruitment firm has perfectly equipped PAN India and Singapore offices.

You can get all types of recruitment needs fulfilled here. Whether you require contractual staffing or permanent staffing, you will get all the solutions from this one place.

You get more than you invest because Net HR unlike others follows 100% transparency in work hence there are no chances of anyone fooling you and depriving you of the value which you should get in return of the investment you make.

Net HR has been awarded as “Best IT recruitment firm in India.”
They also specialize in providing customized recruitment End to End solutions to their clients.

One company but serves the needs of 3 different categories of people; those who are finding a job, those who want talented people to work for them and lastly those who want to work with Net HR.

The latest award bagged by Net HR is of “Award for Excellence in IT recruitment services.” This is a big achievement and speaks volumes about this one of its kind Recruitment Company in India. It ranks amongst the top 10 Executive search companies in India.

In mere 15 years, Net HR has succeeded in placing more than 20,000 candidates in reputed Multinational Companies.

Even you can gain these benefits for real. You just have to get connected with the Net HR team by clicking the link below. You can make your own career with just taking this one decision wisely!