Thursday, 31 July 2014

Wielding capability with opportunity through NetHr: Staffing Solutions

staffing solutions
"Companies that invest in their employees' professional and personal development will gain competitive edge over their rivals and a more committed workforce", quoted by Mike Jeraim. The staff forms the integral part and the most important part for an organization that safeguards success. The way employees are treated, the amount of quality employees displaying their work, how much they value the company, etc, these questions are all interlinked and affects on the performance of the company.

Hence finding an employee who is a perfect fit for a company is a difficult task especially if a company has special demands and expectations from the candidates. As a result having a staffing agency would help such companies and would assist them in finding temporary or permanent workers company. Many big organizations and companies don’t panel their open positions directly in the market, they directly update staffing firm in order to seek quicker response without having to deal with the pre-screening and hunting process of the candidates. 

Duties of staffing agencies:

Appointment of Direct and Temporary staff: - A staffing agency provides with temporary or permanent employees to a company by targeting the company needs, by suiting and matching with the applied employee set of skills, personality and educational background. Many companies hire temporary staff in order to find the perfect applicant who would display a valuable asset for the company. For permanent staffing agency has to find the best candidate in order to fulfill client’s need.

Recruiting right people: - It’s amongst the agencies goal to focus on employer’s core business and help them by offering comprehensive workforce solutions. Facilitating the right talent at the right place is agencies duty. 

Features: -The staffing agency also takes care and handles activities related to the applicants like their: payroll, taxes, workers compensation, etc.

Selecting Quality staff: - this process involves steps like:
  • The first step is to determine exactly what type of employee needs to be hired.
  • Second step involves preparation of the candidate for an organization for the respectful spot.
  • Third step it to provide with strategic advice to nail their first impression during interview round.
  • Fourth step involves coordinating with the client’s company Hr and forwarding the candidate for further selection process. 
  •  Lastly, to ensure that the candidate gets selected in a measure of time, in order to provide with fast service to the employer as well as save the time and efforts of the employee.
Additional benefit: - By utilizing the services of a staffing agency, it benefits the employer and the employee both. It offers a safe alternative to directly hire the candidate and provide them with the perfect opportunity. Companies are looking for staffing agencies in attempt to fill the empty positions, making the staffing agencies appealing.

About NetHr: -
Over the 15 years, NetHr has been successful in placing more than 20,000 candidates in multinational companies worldwide. It was formed under the leadership of Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe, a leader with vision and decisive action. The staffing solutions section at NetHr provides placements to the applicants in amongst the top 10 Executive Search companies in India. Majority of NetHr clients features amongst the Fortune 500 companies. 

NetHr have been preferred as the best recruitment partner for many MNCs and other major companies brand globally. It provides with lucrative job opportunities in the popular sectors such as information Technology, Banking & Finance, Engineering and Logistics in India and Singapore. Awarded as the ‘Best It Recruitment firm in India’, their main objective is to assist clients with the right talent acquisition.

Provide with quality of service along with a successful hit ratio resulting in a very less turnaround time. And facilitate each client with individual attention in terms of exclusivity. NetHr have the proven its expertise in scouting and delivering talented individuals with the right skills and experience to the needy companies. For best recruitment service and more information click here

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Why do you need an Employment agency?

Employment Services

Individuals graduate and feel that their one task is over, whereas the bigger task i.e.; to scout for a job is yet to come. When it comes to employment finding a decent job or helpers is a difficult task. Waiting for the perfect opening, hunting for vacancies and looking out for opportunities could be time consuming. How could this be made simpler? 

This problem could easily be eliminated by the introduction of employment service that cuts the red tape of hiring process between the job seeker and corporate industries. The employment agency is a department hired by companies to help in finding appropriate candidates. Employment agencies check your work, observe your skills, experience (if have any) and place you with the most suited profile. They find people of all kind who are looking out for temporary to permanent service. Whether a company needs an assistant, manager, banker, engineer, etc, the firm can find the perfect candidate.

How employment agencies functions?
The agencies represents job seekers and help them find a placement in a respected company. They probe for the vacant spots and fill them by recruiting individuals accordingly with set of skills and expertise. Companies especially reputed and big corporate companies don’t post their vacancy adds everywhere; they directly give an update to these agencies. This helps in cutting down the process of sifting countless resumes and interviewing hundreds of people just to find the right candidate. 

Using an employment agency requires the basic procedures like: fill the application, provide a resume, take qualifying tests, interview and facilitate with training process, if required. To better the chances of acquiring the desired job profile, the candidate must describe in detail the exact things he/she is looking from that particular job and what he/she doesn’t want.

Resume plays a vital role:
 An employment placement agency, one particularly specialized in recruiting candidate’s monitors the resume submitted by the candidate and contact them within a span of time. They enquire about the position being demanded by the applicant and also recommend them with suggestions and advice that alters and make the resume appeal more professional. Resume after being refined by the applicant are used by the agency and are successfully forwarded in the companies. 
Placement in multiple sectors:
Both in public and private sector employment agency provides with employment services. These employment agencies tend to specialize in three fields: personnel placement services, staffing services, also known as temporary help services and executive placement services. They have multiple vacancies from various sectors like in IT field, Banking & Financial services, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, etc. this proves to be an advantage and strength of any company that helps in seeking multiple candidates and staffing them in their individual craven companies.

Testing the skills:
Submitting resume is just the first baby step, after that the applicant needs to speak with the representative person from the employment agency. After this mini meeting placed with an open discussion, the agency would make you take test and assessments to establish and enhance candidate’s qualities. The test would be related to the job profile demanded by the candidate.  For example, if the applicant is looking for administrative positions, the employment agency will mostly conduct a typing test to measure their typing speed. Other test could include computer skills fused with office skills like use of Microsoft word, etc. The idea behind conducting all these tests before sending the candidate in an agency is to train them perfectly; sometimes it becomes a challenging task for individuals as if they have not utilized the skills for a period of time. In order to ensure that candidate gets selected or atleast is qualified enough to appear for the test the firm trains them fully.

All kinds of services are provided:
Candidates mostly look out for permanent as well as contractual services.  Employment firms consist of swam of such spots. They place the candidate for interview in context to their respected demands. The agency is also designed in temporary placement service for selective candidates and asks them to fill the application. When a temporary position is a match for the applicant, the agency will immediately contact him/her and inform them about the position and arrange the assignment. 

Hold Stake in your success:
It’s an employment agency’s responsibility to coach the candidate well for the potential job. Basically if candidate looks bad, then the firm looks bad. As a result, employment agencies prepare them for interviews so that they impress employer. The agencies also modify the resumes to suit the jobs that have been applied for. As a result it’s a much appreciated effort that enhances candidates’ chance of getting the job. 

Why NetHr?
Deciding to use a good employment agency can be a good decision during the job hunt. You will have access to multiple open positions that you would not otherwise have plus you have a person representing you and who knows the company. With more than 14 years of experience in Recruitment, NetHr have developed direct network into CEO, CCO, and CTO’s of large corporate organizations. NetHr have been successful in placing more than 15,000 professionals into corporate. 

Net HR offers organized recruiting services. Over the years, we have been the most preferred recruiting partner for many multinational companies and major businesses to appear as the top recruiting brand globally. Right from the hiring to the customized training, evaluation, market research, etc, our team of experts provide with secretarial services, back-office processing and management in the business field. 

Awarded as the ‘best IT recruitment firm in India’, NetHr consist of clients who are listed in the top 500 fortune companies. We focus on quality and 100% transparency at work. Experts at NetHr consider every candidate’s resume important and they try to understand their expectations and fulfill it accordingly. Through our inventive approach we provide service employment service to a wide array of business verticals.  Our knowledge and understanding of market information, helps us in placements by building up far-flung amount of network that ultimately provides finest talent to our clients. For best recruitment service and more information click here

Friday, 25 July 2014

Net Hr makes your life perky

Recruitment company
The term recruitment implies the action of enlisting someone in the designated position or post. These exquisite techniques have been practiced since ancient times when the kings and emperors ruled. Recruitment is not a new phenomenon, the first ever sector to practice this method was the army. It was probably these organized bodies that required soldiers on regular basis in order to keep its ranks alive and continue their fights and battles. With the historical evidence reasonably states that the Armed forces were the first known recruitment service.

Recruitment service have got advanced with the times, the best mode massively used are through advertisements published in newspapers, establishing networks in companies that helps in acquiring provisions like Reference, attending social events meeting where people could easily hear about availability of jobs. There are thousands of companies in the market that offers myriads no. of opportunities in different fields. Every year swarm of students graduate and start looking for jobs. Some lucky one’s quickly grabs the break whereas many lack behind as only a limited fraction of openings exists. These graduates and job seekers easily lose their faith and confidence is easily shattered. In such a case in order to rescue these candidates the “Recruitment” companies steps in. As well said by Alexander Graham Bell, “When door closes, another opens. But we often look so long and regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the door which has opened for us. 

Net Hr is amongst the top 10 executive search companies in India featuring its client services amongst 500 fortunate companies. Established for 15years from now under the leadership of Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe, it has been successful in facilitating more than 20,000 students in MNCs. Marking with its rivalries like Global Hunt, Synergies, Catapulant management resources private limited, etc, have still primed to maintain in the competition. We have been the most preferred recruiting partners for many multinational companies and major business sector.

 Net Hr with its placement facilities offers the correct jobs to the right candidate. We have developed programs into COO, CEO, CTO’s of a large corporate scale. We have a diversified range of placements accessible in 5 major fields i.e. I.T, Banking and Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering and Oil and gas. Our main motto is to implement the below three objectives:-

·         To assist clients in right talent acquisition.
  •  To provide Quality of service along with a successful hit ratio resulting in a very less turnaround time.
  •  To provide each client with exclusivity in terms of individual attention.
Our knowledge and understanding of market information, helps us in placements by building up far-flung amount of network that ultimately provides finest talent to our clients. As an ISO 9001 - 2008 certified (Certification No. 1014QC75) provides recruitment, training, employment services, and end-to-end solutions in Human Resource Management including Executive Search & Staffing Services (Permanent and Contractual) to a well established client network in India.

Need for placement Consultant in todays world

Placement consultants
In today’s world, the importance of consultancies has enhanced to a remarkable extent. The job industry is facing a huge amount of competition in every field and demands qualified manpower. Contrary to old days presently there are advent options for the job and with the help of internet it has become more users friendly. Internet is a web of connection; it has a wide range of choices and to pick the right job from so many sources makes it laborious for the seeker.

This is where the placement consultants steps in  Consultants are tagged with numerous names like; Head-hunter, Recruiter, advisor, etc. Their chief job is to act as a mediator between the candidate and the company and facilitate a suitable platform. Consultant hires or recruits employees for the company. They help to decrease the confusion and short list suitable candidates in relation of requirements demanded by companies. They guide the candidates and prepare them accordingly.

Several companies hire a placement consultant that helps them finding the correct qualified person to join their company. Freshers register their names and contact these firms in order to save their time and get access to better sum of opportunities. Placement consultants works for myriads of companies, they have huge database and vacancies with different sum of salaries, variety of candidates both fresher and experienced, and have access in many organizations thanks to their networking. It’s the firm responsibility to scout for job that demands the typical skills acquired by the registered candidates then direct them into the companies by forwarding resumes and further coordinating with the hr. Placement consultants make the best possible efforts through which they offer the right job to a candidate with the aim of establishing brighter future for them .

 NetHr established by Dr. Sanjay Salunkhe, aims at leading the company to great heights by setting the highest bench mark.  NetHr awarded as no.1 choice for recruitment amongst the top 10 Financial Institutions of the world. It has been successful in placing more than 15,000 professionals into corporate. Right from hiring to customized training, evaluation, market intelligence, compensation surveys, secretarial services, back-office processing and management of the business centre is done by experts at NetHr with an effortless ease and competence par excellence. Net HR caters to leading multinational companies in various industry segments viz. Information Technology, Banking & Finance, Engineering and Logistics in India. Register yourself today with our company and see the difference. For best recruitment service and more information click here