Friday, 30 May 2014

Are You Suffering from “Not The Right Person” Syndrome?

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There used to be organizations that were the benchmarks of the corporate industry but today they are no more than the examples that drowned in the corporate pool. The question here is what led to the declination of such dynamic organizations? And why after reaching to the height it fells right strait on the ground? Making wrong decisions can be one of the reasons; the person sitting on top might have created a blunder that led to the downfall of the organization. But that can happen with anyone and anytime, we are talking about a more valid cause that eats up the organization from within and then becomes the reason of its collision. Yes you are getting it right, the organizations with “non-right” employees; say if the plinth is not strong then the tower may collapse any moment. 

Following are the mistakes that an organization generally makes while hiring the biggest asset of success. 

  • The job description. Mostly the job descriptions we come across are emphasizing more on the qualifications and experience required and less on the describing the jobs. In reality it becomes a people’s description and not a job description.

  • While interviewing we blindly trust the capability of the individual, we tend to believe that if the person is experienced they are best suited for the job.  We should dive deep into the job responsibilities that person will have to handle like to hire a recruiter you should ponder over his skills of conducting interview; because it is not mandatory that the person with experience may be good performer in the previous organization.

  • Sometimes also the HR with the lack of understanding and knowledge makes it impossible for the HR to understand the job responsibilities and proves to become incapable of shortlist the resumes. Due to the work pressure and other job responsibilities the manager relies on the choice of the HR and without giving much input they hire the candidate.

What an organization should do?

These things might seem meager but in real, acts as pillars in building strong organizations. What an organization can do to avoid these errors? Post a better job description; always keep a check on how your human resource is managing hiring. You can always invest sometime in screening the resumes on your own. Sounds too much of work to be done? Here is the ultimate solution to hire an external recruiter with the unique approach. 

What you should look for in an external recruiter?

You should always be assured to their reach and methodology they are going to apply in the specific candidate hunt. Also you should be aware of the person whom you will be dealing with in future; whether they are qualified enough to establish the job search and have the ability to shortlist the right candidates.

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Net HR is India’s one of the best placement firms associated with over 500 fortune multinational companies working diligently since past 15 years. Net HR has successfully accomplished various national and international projects. We have a strong and maintained database which is updated for over 15 years. The team of Net HR is comprised of the highly qualified recruiters, who understands the needs of organizations and candidates, and places the right person at the right place. Net HR exercises 100% transparency in recruitment solutions which creates a lesser room for chaos and ensures the timely delivery of product. Net HR has also been awarded as the “Best IT recruitment firm in India”.

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Are Recruiters Becoming Extinct?


There is a loud noise that the role of recruiters is being replaced by job boards and social networking sites. People have started to believe that recruiting activities have substantially lessened to the point to extinction. In real, Job boards are like advertisements put-up directly by the employers, and social networking sites are like a gathering of friends and colleagues who are already well known. On contrary, a recruiter is that one person who knows everyone and is your go-to person for information and contacts. 

The truth is that the organizations find external recruiters more dependable in the current scenario. In this growing cutting-edge corporate world the organizations desire to hire the perfect talent for their organization. But the limitation of time does not allow establishing the independent search for every single position. Organizations find that having an in-built human resource force is becoming insufficient and the HR finds it almost impossible to screen the thousands of resumes that keep piling on each day. In such situation the job boards and networking sites fail to provide the ultimate solution and the resolution is sought in the form of external recruiter.

Organizations hiring external recruiters breathe a sigh of relief reason being, an external recruiter a person who assists and fulfills the demands by hunting for the right talent through the high-end research. Before rushing to hire an external recruiter the organization should always go through the background of that very recruitment firm. A recruitment firm like Net HR comes with the experience of more than 15 years. 

Net HR becomes more dependable through the following attributes:

  • An updated and maintained database promises to help in finding the right person.

  • The chief asset of Net HR is the team of highly qualified professionals which coordinates and understands the requirements of the organization and the candidate.

  • Net HR has sustained its relationships with the top notch multinational organizations, and that trust is achieved through practicing transparency from the beginning to the point of negotiating.

  • Net HR follows a step-wise strategic search methodology which enhances the search procedure

Commitment is the key to have happy clients. Net HR has gained the reputation by maintaining the punctuality and timely product delivery.

Job boards and networking sites prove to of help to a certain extent, but dependability is furnished only by recruiters. Today the job boards and networking sites have opened various doors but still the efficiency is catered by the recruiters.  Giving in to the myths of extinction of recruiter sector will give a hiatus to your career and will extend the hunt for the right candidate for organizations. 

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Have You Taken a Rash Decision in Hiring a Recruiter?

Hiring an external recruiter has become a universal practice amongst the organizations today. Any multinational or a small organization while going to a recruiter has a level of set criteria about the hiring practices and high expectations which sometimes may lead to disappointments and unsatisfactory results. Here are some common mistakes which an organization generally makes while hiring a recruiter:

  • Recruiters have a clear idea about how to recruit the most talented candidate: Though being a placement consultancy, sometimes they are incapable of persuading an extremely talented candidate to accept the job offer from them. As a result they end up providing the candidate from the pool of available resumes, which does not match the client expectation

  • Any level of recruitment firm can provide a list of good candidates: Generally when a recruiter approaches the organization to provide them their services in conducting respective hiring they brag about their reach and capability of providing a great candidate. In this regard, rather than following the words you should ask them to practice transparency and  ask the strategy which they follow and get a detailed information if they have a strong database to conduct the research and their strategy to establish research

  • All recruiters can perform well in assessing the candidates: To match the requirements of the organizations the recruiter should be qualified enough to carry out the following head hunting. Many times the organizations are not aware of the internal team of recruitment firm which is going to carry out the research and analysis work. They might not be qualified enough in assessing the right candidate and you may not receive the desired results.

Net HR formulates proficiency

Net HR has a history of conducting several national and international projects with esteemed multinational organizations. 

  • The team of Net HR has the most talented professionals who come with immense experience.

  • Net HR has a team divided as per the industry specialization so that the organizations don’t miss the valuable candidates

  • Having 15 years of experience in the recruitment industry, Net HR has a strong database and PAN India level presence across the country

  • To practice healthy client relations Net HR practices 100% transparency in conducting the job hunting

  • Net HR has a clientele of 500 fortune companies

  • Follows strategic search methodology to derive successful results.

The team of Net HR, with the careful planning and research methodology promises the perfect product delivery without any delay or lingering procedure; as we believe in placing the right candidate at the right place. 

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Monday, 12 May 2014

Qualities That Leads You to Become a Successful Recruiter

Job of a recruiter is a very demanding one because you are the one who represent your organization. Some people become unbeatable recruiters where are others get stuck somewhere in the middle of their recruiting career. Let’s take a look on what it takes to become a successful recruiter

  • ·         Passionate listener and a talker

For a recruiter it’s necessary to become ‘all ears’ while interacting with a client or candidate this helps in gathering and notifying minute information about the candidate or the requirement of the client. The result of careful listening also leads to asking the quality information and know more about the candidate and the client needs.

  • ·         Display confidence

While interacting, a recruiter must be confident about the services they are providing and your confidence should be promising that the client feels sure about getting his requirements fulfilled in the best possible manner.   

  • ·         Be a marketer

While interacting with the client as well as the candidate you should act as a marketing person, for you can’t just let go a right candidate because you are unable to do the required convincing and negotiating.

  • ·         Target-driven

If you want to maintain cordial relationships with your client in future you should make sure that you are delivering the product right on the time. For that you should have the ambitious and target-oriented attitude along with the proper time management skills. 

  • ·         Problem solving skills 

As a recruiter you should be capable of dealing with the difficult situations such as, when the candidate did not turn up for the interview, or if he plainly states that he has joined another firm.

Net HR has teamed-up best recruiters

Net HR having a strong base has formulated a team of the finest industry recruiters with the high qualifications and recruiting skills. Being a 15 year old consultant firm, Net HR has an inbuilt strong network with 500 fortune multinational companies and a strong database to place the right candidate at the right position. Being associated with the big industry names Net HR has successfully executed many national and international projects. 

Net HR is known as one of the best HR Company in India as a result of its diligent work performance; deriving successful results.