Friday, 24 April 2015

Adopt The Best In Class Recruitment Search Methodology

Getting a job is important, but getting a rewarding one is what counts!!
We all have the urge to achieve higher in life, especially in terms of our career. There is tremendous talent out there but unfortunately only few are recognized. Who is to be blamed for this? Is this the fault of the candidates or the shortcoming is within the recruitment search?

You guessed it right. The reason lies within the inefficiency of the selected recruitment service. The decision of choosing one has to be very selective. You are handling someone the responsibility of guiding your path to success. Hence you have to be 100 times sure whether the chosen one is perfect and rewarding or not.

Recruitment Search Methodology refers to the step by step process that is adopted in order to bring out the desired results. This is the most crucial and base of any recruitment firm. The excellence of results depends on how this process is planned and executed.

Net HR is one of the most dedicated recruitment companies in India. It comprises of highly experienced and qualified faculty along with industry experts who ensure timely delivery of services and assistance. They have the following 8 step recruitment search methodology which makes them unique and different from other recruitment companies.
  • Assessment of needs: Here, complete analysis is done to get well acquainted with the profile of the desired candidate on the basis of qualification, desired working experience, skills and talents as provided by the client. 
  • Research strategy: after understanding the requirements, the next step is to shortlist the suitable candidates from a huge database. This is done with utter focus leaving behind zero chances of ignoring the desired candidate.
  • Identifying the perspective candidates: After the completion of the extensive search, perfect matches for the job in consideration are identified.
  • Interviews and Evaluations of candidates: The shortlisted candidate is interviewed by senior consultants to test whether he/ she is fit for the vacancy or not. The interviewer also identifies other attributes of the candidate like skills, interest and knowledge of the area, expected salary, whether he/ she would suit the employers work environment etc.
  • Shortlisted candidates are presented to the clients: This includes sending a detailed and summarized report of the candidate on the basis of the preliminary interview.
  • Arranging client candidate interviews: Net Hr Placement consultants remain in constant touch with the candidate’s right from the telephonic interview. They work co-ordinal with both; the candidate and the client so that their objectives are met in the most productive manner. They also mentor and guide the candidates to avoid them from making any mistakes.
  • Checking the credibility of reference: They keep checking the references provided by the candidates as well as any other third party sources in order to identify any hidden information.
The search completes: Once they get a confirmation from the candidate regarding their successful integration with the clients company, the search cycle comes to an end.
You too can avail the benefit of getting positive recruitment end to end services. Whatever be your recruitment need, fulfill it with Net HR!!

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