Saturday 6 June 2015

Seek The Best It Recruitment Services

Information Technology (IT) has vast scope in today’s time. There are many big corporate who operate with ease only because of excellent IT services by its professional employees. In a business firm there are many employees who work together towards achieving the objectives and goals of the company as a whole. The business may be dealing in which ever segment that doesn’t matter. They deal with numerous amounts of data and information which comes as a result of operating the business with an enormous target audience. The business company requires professionals and experts who can manage and update this information for the benefit of the company. 
They require a professional who process and manage the large information’s which are stored in the computer system of the company. The people who do this work are called as IT Professionals.

It is not possible always for the busy business companies to themselves search and filter employees for these services. IT recruitment services come in picture here. They are appointed by the company on their behalf to shortlist the desired candidates for final interview with the company. Then it is the job of the Recruitment Company to find appropriate and suitable candidates with the required skill sets and attributes.

Net HR offers you world class experience of recruitment services. It has been serving this sector for more than 15 years now. Their clients include international companies as well as fortune 500 companies. They have their offices in PAN India and in Singapore. Providing excellent quality of services to each client that approaches them is the key objective of this company. They maintain 100% transparency while working with any client. Having a team of experienced and expert human resource specialists this company is sure to give you commendable results.

You can consider Net HR as one of the top most recruitment company in India for IT Recruitment services because it has been awarded as the “Best IT recruitment firm in India”. This evidence is sufficient to state how exceptional is the services given by them.
They work on 3 main objectives which are broadly described below:

  • To help the clients in getting the desired professionals to enhance their quality of working

  • To provide excellent recruitment service but at the same time maintaining a successful hit ratio which gives a positive turn to the turnover of the company

  • To offer individual attention to each client

When you set out in search of a good and reliable Placement consultant, you have many expectations in your mind. But sadly it often happens that the person you chose doesn’t stand even an inch closer to them. Net HR is different. Here, even the minutest detail and brief provided by the client is kept in the mind and work is done accordingly. You get more than the money you invest.

This is the reason why Net HR has successfully accomplished so many projects and assignments of national and international clients.

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Top 5 Essentials of Best Recruitment Service

Being in the corporate industry implies that you have to be very versatile and ready to face challenges at any given time. Earlier this wasn’t the scenario of the corporate. The reason to this was limited talent and limited job opportunities. But now we live in the era of technologically enhanced world which is moving faster than ever. Aspirations and dreams are being achieved beyond distances. No longer does the world of opportunity stop at limitations or boundaries.

Due to this complexity and seriousness of the Business Industry, one helping hand has come forward. They are Recruitment service. It is not practical and advisable for a busy corporate to take up the tedious work of recruiting the desired candidates by filtering from thousands of applications. Recruitment is a very responsible and time consuming job. You require lot of conceptual knowledge for doing this work. Big Companies hire a Recruitment service to lessen their burden. 

Recruitment consultants work in recruitment agencies or companies. It is through their efforts that the manpower needs of the company i.e. the client are met. Now, speaking of this industry, we know that there is competition here as well. We hear and come across so many different companies every alternate day. Today, there are more than enough opportunities to meet the immense talent of all kinds. 

Recruitment firm excels above the rest only if it has the following vital essentials in its services:

  • Client friendly: Without this you cannot move a single step ahead in this industry. The clients are the ones because of whom your business would run. Hence, you have to be very client focused and keep each one of them on high priority always. Remember, your one annoy your client to an extent of discontinuation of services with you.
  • Huge Database: You will be able to fulfill the demands of your clients only when you have a widespread and a large database. It is important to go beyond the locations where you operate so that you can cater to the requirements of those clients also who are currently not in your list.
  • Dedication: Without this no Business can operate nor function efficiently. Placement consultants are required to be very dedicated towards their job responsibilities. There should be respect for time and the ability of meeting deadlines. 
  • First client, then candidate later me: This should be the attitude of all the recruitment services providers. Your expectations and needs should come after your clients and candidates. 
  • Staffing solutions: You should be a provider of all staffing solutions for the client. In this way, you retain the existing customers as they don’t go to any other place to accomplish their requirements.

You can see and experience for yourself by connecting with Net HR. They are into the sector of recruitment for more than 15 years now. They are a dedicated team of focused individuals and experts who know the right way to guide you towards the pre defined Human resource requirements. 

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Tuesday 26 May 2015

Importance Of Payroll Management

In every organization, there are diverse segments of employees who cater to different domains and areas of function. A Business company has many aspects to look after. No matter which sector the corporate falls in, it comprises of many variants in terms of location, area of function, requirement of skills and attributes, expansion etc. There are different individual domains which are designed to look after the working of that particular function. For e.g.; Operations, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Human Resource, Information Technology etc. 
Payroll Management

Recruitment consultants are like a blessing to all the Businesses and Corporate players. It is extremely difficult for any business or corporate house to filter the best employees out of so many numerous applicants. This is where they require the expert help of placement agencies. 

One term which every business company is familiar with irrespective of its size or functional area is Payroll Management. Now, what exactly does this term mean? Some consider it highly confusing and challenging to understand any aspect of the working environment of the business world. 

Net HR is the pioneer in offering the best recruitment services throughout India as well as Abroad. It provides training and other employment services as well. Its list of clients includes Fortune 500 companies and other MNC’s. It has fully equipped offices with best in class infrastructure PAN India and Singapore. It has an exceptional recruitment experience of more than 15 years. They provide recruitment end to end services with best quality and reliability. 

What is Payroll Management?            
In every business company or a corporate, there are employees who are paid a specific salary. Depending upon the company norms, there are certain parameters which affect this salary. These include the net salary, the deductions, the bonuses and even taxes (if applicable). 

Payroll management refers to maintaining the regular report of all the above financial records for each individual employee for the service term for which he/ she work with the company or organization. 

Why is Payroll management important?

Finance is the biggest investment in business other than time and other valuable resources. Payroll management comes under recruitment services and Net HR offers this in the best possible manner with commendable results. Business Company or a corporate has to keep a detailed record of all the incomes and expenses which are done on its behalf. Employees form the largest and most crucial part of the company and are the major contributors towards the success of the business. Hence, Payroll Management is important because it keeps the records of every small expense and income done thus reducing the chances of loss or failure of the company.

Net HR consists of an experienced team who will reduce the burden of payroll on the company. It handles all the aspects of Payroll Management and thus eases the complexity of the process. They offer you all types of staffing solutions as well. 

You can get more detailed information upon this by contacting Net HR team today. Your one step towards them can take your 10 steps closer to your required results and aspirations!!

Friday 24 April 2015

Adopt The Best In Class Recruitment Search Methodology

Getting a job is important, but getting a rewarding one is what counts!!
We all have the urge to achieve higher in life, especially in terms of our career. There is tremendous talent out there but unfortunately only few are recognized. Who is to be blamed for this? Is this the fault of the candidates or the shortcoming is within the recruitment search?

You guessed it right. The reason lies within the inefficiency of the selected recruitment service. The decision of choosing one has to be very selective. You are handling someone the responsibility of guiding your path to success. Hence you have to be 100 times sure whether the chosen one is perfect and rewarding or not.

Recruitment Search Methodology refers to the step by step process that is adopted in order to bring out the desired results. This is the most crucial and base of any recruitment firm. The excellence of results depends on how this process is planned and executed.

Net HR is one of the most dedicated recruitment companies in India. It comprises of highly experienced and qualified faculty along with industry experts who ensure timely delivery of services and assistance. They have the following 8 step recruitment search methodology which makes them unique and different from other recruitment companies.
  • Assessment of needs: Here, complete analysis is done to get well acquainted with the profile of the desired candidate on the basis of qualification, desired working experience, skills and talents as provided by the client. 
  • Research strategy: after understanding the requirements, the next step is to shortlist the suitable candidates from a huge database. This is done with utter focus leaving behind zero chances of ignoring the desired candidate.
  • Identifying the perspective candidates: After the completion of the extensive search, perfect matches for the job in consideration are identified.
  • Interviews and Evaluations of candidates: The shortlisted candidate is interviewed by senior consultants to test whether he/ she is fit for the vacancy or not. The interviewer also identifies other attributes of the candidate like skills, interest and knowledge of the area, expected salary, whether he/ she would suit the employers work environment etc.
  • Shortlisted candidates are presented to the clients: This includes sending a detailed and summarized report of the candidate on the basis of the preliminary interview.
  • Arranging client candidate interviews: Net Hr Placement consultants remain in constant touch with the candidate’s right from the telephonic interview. They work co-ordinal with both; the candidate and the client so that their objectives are met in the most productive manner. They also mentor and guide the candidates to avoid them from making any mistakes.
  • Checking the credibility of reference: They keep checking the references provided by the candidates as well as any other third party sources in order to identify any hidden information.
The search completes: Once they get a confirmation from the candidate regarding their successful integration with the clients company, the search cycle comes to an end.
You too can avail the benefit of getting positive recruitment end to end services. Whatever be your recruitment need, fulfill it with Net HR!!